The Mohinders Leather Shopper

The Mohinders Leather Shopper
The Mohinders Leather Shopper is just like our shoes: it adheres to the Mohinders design ethos of creating beautiful, timeless goods that are durable, can be used everyday, go with almost everything and get better with wear & age. It also adheres to our ethical ethos of creating goods produced by fairly-compensated artisans with more sustainable materials.

The Mohinders Leather Shopper is not made out of the same bag-tanned, water buffalo leather as our Slides & Shoes. Instead we've opted for a buttery soft feeling goat leather as different products often require different leathers. In addition, the artisans we're working with to produce The Shoppers are more comfortable working with goat leather. 

The People Who Make The Mohinders Leather Shopper

Shafeeq Shameel & Co is the LWG Gold Rated tannery that produces the leather for the Mohinders Leather Shopper. Shanti Handicrafts is the small artisan producer group that makes the Shopper by hand. We've also partnered with SASHA Association for Craft Producers, who amongst many other things, oversees Shanti Handicrafts.

Shafeeq Shameel & Co.'s LWG Gold Rating ensures environmental best practices in the tanning industry.

SASHA is a World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) certified social enterprise that oversees Shanti Handicrafts to ensure their compliance with WFTO fair trade principles, which include, but are not limited to, fair payment, non-discrimination and good working conditions.