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Meet our favorite new style—the city slipper in solid leather. 

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What sets our shoes apart?

A few modern updates add comfort and durability to heritage footwear. Here's what makes them special.

Beautifully made shoes

Mohinders are made by third-generation artisans in Athani Village, India. The braid that runs along the shoe’s outer edge, called “cavani weaving," creates a sturdy, simple bond that can only be done by hand.

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A different kind of leather

Our water buffalo leather is tanned by hand, in small-scale family operations in rural India. This heritage method uses a purely vegetable-based solution: just water, acacia tree bark, and the myrobalan nut.

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Our outlook

We like designs and materials that come with a good story, and work hard to create distinctive products while keeping curiosity and a ready-for-anything approach at the center of everything we do.

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Take us with you

The only shoe you need in your carry-on, whether it's a weekend getaway or jaunt through Europe.


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