My Mohinders: Natasha Zoe Garrett

My Mohinders: Natasha Zoe Garrett

Natasha’s fashion ethos is minimalist, so it’s no surprise that our Woven Slides and Sandals are a wardrobe staple of hers. Natasha Zoe Garrett has a keen eye for seeking out beautiful pre-loved things with a story of their own...Her shop, Roam Vintage is a testament to her masterful curatorial skills, pared-down beauty, and appreciation for the intersection of simplicity and sophistication. An online destination for vintage hunters, Roam offers weekly “drops” of expertly sourced vintage garments and home-goods. Natasha models her finds, too—she never buys vintage that she wouldn’t personally love to wear. 

Read our interview with vintage maven, model, and master of effortlessly-cool-style, Natasha Zoe Garrett. 


Tell us a bit more about Roam Vintage and how it got started? 

Roam Vintage started as a creative outlet while working as a stylist on photo shoots. After years on set I was beginning to feel uninspired and really disheartened by how wasteful the mainstream fashion industry is. 

I’d been a vintage collector all my life and have always found sourcing and styling vintage pieces to be a means of creative expression that really resonated with me.I started by selling vintage to friends and doing small, local pop ups. Eventually I began selling online and as that grew, I started putting more energy in it until I was making enough money to fully let go of styling and make this my full time job. Some days I still can’t believe it is and I do not take it for granted one bit.

Tell us about what influences the direction for your vintage collection and curation—
I tend to gravitate towards simple, well made designs and timeless styles. I am influenced by nature just as much as I am influenced by cultures and design styles throughout the world. I like to stay open to inspiration however it comes to me and in whatever form.

How did you come up with the name Roam Vintage?  

It kind of came up out of nowhere one day while on a really life changing trip to Nepal in 2015. I had always felt most alive while traveling and getting lost in new cultures and surroundings. To roam is to wander without direction so that just felt fitting for me and my ethos when it comes to sourcing and to life in general.


Where are you from and how did vintage/ pre-loved things influence your life? 

I was born and raised in San Francisco, California. Vintage has been a part of my life since I was a kid. My Mom is an interior designer and often sources vintage pieces for her clients, which meant I spent a lot of time growing up in flea markets. They are my second home and where I feel most myself. To me, the most interesting people you’ll ever meet are the people you meet at flea markets. 

Do you remember the moment you decided to take the plunge and start your business?

I remember the moment I decided to take Roam seriously. I had been so afraid of letting go of styling work and fully jumping in. I had a lot of self doubt that I could handle running my own business, but then one day I realized that I would spend my life regretting it if I never tried, so I did - and here I am. I couldn’t be happier that I took that risk.

What are your daily rituals like and how have they changed throughout the course of the pandemic? 

Daily rituals are so important for me. They help me feel grounded, especially in a world that feels so chaotic these days. 

I take a bath almost every night, which has been a ritual of mine for many years and is a treasured part of my day. Soaking in hot water with music playing and candles lit is so calming for my nervous system. It allows all the noise in my head to slip away which opens up space for new ideas to come in. 

A ritual that I picked up in the pandemic is going on daily walks. This is mostly because I got my puppy, Cowboy, in early quarantine and needed to get him out of the house everyday. In doing so I realized how much I really needed that daily reset of being in the fresh air, moving my body. We still take walks every day. Sometimes I’ll listen to music but mostly I just like to listen to the sounds around me and get lost in thought.


What’s your favorite thing about sourcing vintage? Do you find pieces you love or do you shop within a theme? 

My favorite thing about sourcing vintage is the adventure of it all. You never really know what you’re going to find or who you’re going to meet and I love the thrill of that. 

Sourcing is really meditative for me. I prefer to go alone and get into a zone while I’m doing it. Sometimes I’ll write out a sort of wishlist of items I’d like to find but I really leave myself open to whatever presents itself. 

As someone who gets overwhelmed shopping for vintage, can you share some of your pro-tips? 

If you’re at a flea market I recommend going early before it gets too crowded and walking around the whole market to really get your bearings. Spend time talking to vendors and trying things on. I recommend wearing spandex shorts or leggings under your clothes so you can easily slip things on and off since there are rarely ever fitting rooms!

I think you really have to be open when shopping for vintage. You have to have a sense of curiosity at what you might find and a willingness to let go of expectations.


Do you collect anything? 

I’m a collector by nature and by trade!  Even though most items I collect only stay with me for a short period of time before I sell them, I still feel the sense of gratification from finding them. 

What are you listening to these days? 

I’m all about podcasts these days! My favorites are:

“How I Built This”

“Snap Judgement”


“This American Life”

“Time Sensitive Podcast”


What are you favorite style Mohinders and why?

I wear the Woven Slides in Honey almost every day! It’s my perfect shoe to throw on and run around town in. And I love the Woven Sandal in Walnut or Honey with a slip dress for a casual dinner date out. Truly, I wear Mohinders more than any other brand of shoe!

How would you describe your personal style?

Relaxed, earthy, functional and a little funky. 

Most worn item in your wardrobe?

A pair of men’s Vietnam era khaki US Marine Corps trousers that have been taken in at the waist but are still perfectly roomy through the legs. They’re pretty high waisted, too. Pair them with a good belt, a tank and the woven slides and I am good to go.


Can you tell us about the various collections on your site, outside of your beautiful vintage? The orfeo collection, the in-house collection, and le minou studio?

The Orfeo collection is my line of jewelry and the in house collection is my small  line of clothing. Both are made locally here in LA within a few miles of each other. Its been so gratifying expanding my offerings on Roam and I really look forward to growing those more in the near future - even though vintage will always be my first love.

I also carry a collection of artwork from Le Minou Studio, made by my friend and multi-disciplinary artist Roxanne Morrison. I love creating a space for artists and makers to come together as I feel like community is more important than ever. Being able to have a platform where I can showcase some of my talented friend’s work is so special to me.

What’s a typical day like for you? 

There is no such thing as a typical day for me! Some days, I am out sourcing vintage all day. Other days I am shooting and listing new pieces or on the computer all day trying to stay focused.

The most important thing for me is to book end my days with routines that keep me grounded and make me happy. Every morning I drink coffee and play with my pup and in the evenings I get dinner with friends or stay home and take a bath and watch something good on TV. The simple pleasures in life make the chaos of running your own business more manageable.