Solid Leather Stool


 product dimensions of unfolded and folded leather stool

Open: 19” tall, 14” wide/deep
Closed: ~24” long, 7” wide/deep

Leather: chrome-free, vegetable tanned leather (same leather as our classic woven and heritage styles)
Legs: red oak
Hardware: locally welded steel tri-hardware and brass acorn nuts
Canvas dustbag

All Leather Stools are assembled by Matt Pierce.

Please note that due to the nature of leather and wood, Leather Stools may slightly vary in texture and color.

Similar to our shoes, we recommend cleaning your Leather Stool with a soft brush or cloth and air drying. To keep the leather in good condition, we like Chamberlain's Leather Milk because it's natural and doesn't darken the leather.

If the seat of the Leather Stool gets wet, Do Not sit on it or put heavy weight on it, as the leather will drastically stretch and won't return to its regular rigidity. So make sure to fully dab dry or air dry before sitting and especially before storing in a dry place.

Leather Stools can be returned in their original conditions along with original packaging, including canvas dustbag, for a full refund or replacement within 15 days of receipt.

Free shipping on all US orders.
$20 flat shipping rate for EU orders.

This is a Presale. All Leather Stools will be assembled by hand and have an 8-10 week turnaround.

Delivery Information:
You will be notified with updates along the way and tracking information when they are completed.

Why the long wait?
In this time, please allow for all leather, wood & hardware production with assembly to be done. We will ship all Leather Stools in the order in which they are placed. 

Have more questions? Reach out to us at – we're here to help!

FAQs & More Information

Are The Leather Stools made with the same leather as Mohinders Slides + Shoes?

Yes! The Leather Stools are made out of the same bag-tanned, water buffalo leather as our Woven and Heritage Solid Slides & Shoes.

How can I use the Leather Stool?

The Leather Stools are super versatile. Use them indoors or outdoors. Take them to the park, to the beach, practically anywhere! They fold up like a tripod, so they're extremely easy to set up and travel with. Be sure to review our Care Tips above!

Can I request expedited shipping?

The Leather Stools are Presale items and will be shipped when they are ready. As a result, we will not offer expedited shipping. For more information on shipping & delivery, please scroll up!