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Mohinders Gift Card


Gift a pair without guessing their shoe size. 

This email gift card, sent to you or your recipient, comes with instructions and a code to redeem at checkout.

Gift cards are non-refundable. 

    Size Guide / Wool Slippers

    The felted wool in our Wool Slippers add a layer of coziness. Take a full size up, and good news: you don’t need to break-in quite like our usual leather slides and shoes. For example, if you’re normally a 6, order a 7.

    If you are normally a half size, take one size up. For example, if you’re normally a 7.5, order an 8.

    After a few days of wear, toe box and footbed will mold to your foot for the perfect fit.

    Not sure which size is best for you? We’re here to help -

    Sourcing + Discovery

    We were dreaming of a Mohinders slipper, with a built-in layer of warmth. Then last year, we learned about a centuries-old tradition of Kashmiri felted wool. This kind of wool has been cultivated and made into rugs (called Namdas), saddle blankets and cloth since the 11th century.

    We connected with Arifa Jan, a textile expert and activist based in Kashmir, who has taken up the work of reviving the regional art of felted wool. Arifa and the artisan communities she works with provide this beautifully undyed felt to the master shoemakers in Athani, to line each pair of The Wool Slipper.

    What Makes The Wool Slipper Special

    The key feature for maximum coziness: a layer of undyed, 100% handmade felted wool. The wool is sourced from Merino sheep that are raised in the Himalayan hillside villages of Sonamarg, Pahalgam and Tangmarg. When the artisans shear and felt a batch of wool, it’s never dyed; so the color of felt that lines your slippers is the exact color of the sheep’s fleece – making each pair unique. This also means that your felted wool may vary in tone, from soft oatmeal to smoky grey.

    A Light Break-in Period

    Because of the added soft layer of felt, The Wool Slippers don’t need a break-in quite like our usual leather slippers and slides. So while it won’t take long, you can still expect to give them a bit of love to make them your own, resulting in your own custom and toasty warm footbed. Allow a few days for the top of your slide to soften and form to fit your foot exactly as they should, cozily.