Mohinders x Matt Pierce

The Leather Stool

The Indoor, Outdoor, Take-Anywhere Chair

Assembled by
Matt Pierce

IYKYK Matt's former brand, Wood & Faulk – he put these stools on the map way back when along with his phenomenal bags and leather goods. You won't really find these handmade beauts anywhere else!

Take It

Not only are these stools a beautiful addition to any space, they're also incredibly convenient. Both styles are foldable, making them easy to transport wherever you go.

Same Leather
as Our Classic Slides

Made with the same chrome-free, vegetable-tanned leather as our classic styles, add a touch of heritage and comfort to your home. They'll take on a beautiful patina over time, just like our slides & shoes.

—Matt Pierce

"I’ve been working with leather for over a decade and have made a lot of these stools during that time. I made some for my friends at Mohinders many years ago to use at events and they’ve had such a wonderful reception. When I was asked to make some more for Mohinders customers, I could not say no."

The Mohinders heritage leather is so beautiful and tough,

and once it has broken in a little, I love it. I’ve broken in a couple pairs of Mohinders shoes over the years and the result is so rewarding and personal once you’ve made them YOURS.

This stool is just like that, if not easier – just sit and enjoy.

—Matt Pierce

Kay from Mohinders

"Matt's designs are simple and his craftsmanship is impeccable. It's a dream to work with him on these truly beautiful, functional and timeless pieces.

It's the perfect studio stool, but since it's so easy to travel with, I also bring mine to the park, beach, camp trips – practically everywhere."