My Mohinders: Christina Saboe

image by Brian Wetzel Photography

Christina Saboe is an aspirational traveler. When she set off for a solo five-week excursion to Australia, Bali, and Japan, these were her two rules: one small bag, and couch surfing only. 

image by Christina Saboe


For many, living for a month out of a small backpack would seem like a big challenge. As it turns out, the hardest part would prove to be returning home after experiencing some of the best people and food on the planet.

Every item Christina packed had a purpose and a story: a travel hat that rolled up into a cone from The Reed, a seemingly small (but quite roomy!) bag from Alite Designs, and a brand new pair of Mohinders Flats. One pair of shoes for three climates, 40 days, and endless exploring.

Part One: Australia

image by Christina Saboe

Melbourne was at the tail-end of winter when Tina landed on October 6th. Dreams of idyllic beaches and sun scorched outback proved a bit naive! The weather hovered around 40 degrees Fahrenheit with high winds and spontaneous downpours. Fortunately, her Mohinders arrived down under perfectly broken in and ready to explore. The flats carried Tina through the Chinatown bars and street art alleyways of Melbourne and Adelaide, the sand of the Great Ocean Road, played hide + seek with koalas and kangaroos, and roughed it through freezing rain and mud in Grampians National Park. This was the toughest weather of the trip—Christina was impressed by what these shoes were made of!

Part Two: Bali

 image by Christina Saboe

Two weeks in, the equatorial paradise of Bali came as a relief from the days of half-frozen-toes in the Australian mountains. Here Tina’s Mohinders accompanied her over miles of beaches, through monkey forests, past Hindu offerings, dodging poisonous snakes. They would hop on buzzing scooters through rice fields and sit riverside while she cooled off in waterfalls. By now, the comfort of the woven leather was the next best thing to being barefoot. They strolled through the surf town of Canggu, over sand at Echo Beach and on narrow sidewalks lined with fruit and woodcarving vendors of Ubud. Heaven felt like Bali.

Part Three: Tokyo

 image by Christina Saboe

Christina had never stepped foot in Asia before Bali, and this would prove to be the most difficult—and most liberating—part of the adventure. In Tokyo, she took on the fear of the unknown; it would prove to be an exercise in mental strength and common sense. She spent a week exploring lantern-lit izakaya in Golden Gai, sipping sake, and learning a massive railway system with relative ease. Her Mohinders perched on stools at noodle bars, hop-walked behind Halloween-costumed children trick-or-treating, and crossed sacred Temple grounds. She found Tokyo to be as welcoming and exotic as any traveler might expect.

 image by Christina Saboe

After five weeks of traveling, the Mohinders and Christina’s feet were no worse for the wear, especially considering mileage walked and weather endured!

One last layover in Los Angeles allowed for a walk to the Venice Beach pier— eating tacos and a game of pool in a dive bar—before the redeye back to Philadelphia.