Journal: Support Small Shops this Month

We could not be more grateful for all the support you’ve shown us during these wild times. Ordering a pair, following along, and tuning in let us continue to place orders with the shoemaking cooperative, support independent artists and keep doing what we love. 

This month, as shelter-in-place and social distancing impact brick and mortar stores’ abilities to keep doors open,

We're sharing some ways to support our beloved stockists. 

These are all shops who stock Mohinders, with helpful actions provided by each store owner. If you can, it’s also a crucial time to support any small business you love.

We hope this directory gives you some ideas. Thanks for being here! 

(P.S. Many small shops charge for shipping, and we're spoiled by Amazon Prime, too. Perhaps we can think of the extra charge as another way to support small business — plus a nice reminder that a real person saw, appreciated, and packed up your order!)



Good Sense Provisions • Seabrook, Texas

We are selling online through our Instagram Stories, as well as Facebook. Local deliveries & will ship in USA.

Ways to support: 

We offer digital gift cards! Shop online through instagram stories/posts, facebook posts, DM or call the shop to claim. Offering 10% of purchase back as store credit on purchases made through April (store credit good thru 2020).

Threadspun • Encinitas, California

We are not currently selling online and our physical locations are closed. However, we are closely monitoring the safety of postal employees and will resume online shipping as soon as we're able. We are also considering a local drop off option. 

We are selling online gift cards at a 25% discount for the month of April.

Ways to support: 

Buy discounted gift cards online! Or place an order now (we are updating new goods from around the world daily to our site) and we will ship for $5 flat rate as soon as we are able!

Givens Circle • Cape May, New Jersey

We are selling online + shipping! Luckily we live walking distance to the shop and are able to safely pack & ship orders. 

Ways to support

Buy gift certificates, online shopping, kind words...every order, every dollar really counts!

Neve + Hawk • San Anselmo, California

We are selling online and via the phone and shipping as well as delivering to the local area. 

We have set guidelines in our studio so no more than one person can be in the shop at a time, cleaning after each shift to ensure safety.

Ways to support

buy products online, buy a gift card, place a pre-order for future releases, etc- We have recently added everything at our flagship online for our customers both locally and far away. We are also about to release our next collection on pre-sale to be dyed and shipped as soon as everything is back up and running. And, lastly (is that a word?), we have created a t-shirt to sell to not only help keep our employees paid but also to donate a portion to help those in need during this time.


Shop Thieves • Palm Springs, California

Yes! We're selling online with free shipping and allow for local curbside pick-up. Website is and more questions on curbside pick-up can be emailed to or send us a DM @shopthieves

Ways to support

The best way to support us is through shopping our products online or purchasing a gift card through our website which can be redeemed in-store or online!


Findings Market • Ventura, California

We are selling online - / free shipping on orders over $50 offering curbside pickup at the shop as well.

Ways to support

The best way right now would be to shop online!


Temple of Offering • San Antonio, Texas

Yes, we are shipping and offering no contact “porch pick ups” for locals. 

Ways to support

Our webstore is open, we have afterpay options available. Gift cards are always available for purchase online as well.


Midland • Culver City & Silver Lake, Los Angeles 

We are selling online for shipping as well as curbside pickup

Ways to support

Buy online, we are offering some Take Care Bundles (two more here + here) that are wonderful to send to loved ones during this time.  Also gift cards are a huge help during this.

Forth & Nomad • Houston, Texas

We are selling online. 

Ways to support

People can shop online or buy gift cards. A popular online item is our candle kit, where we ship you instructions and supplies to make two candles at home. This has been a fun activity for people of all ages and has helped kick the boredom.


Solare Shop • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Yes! We are selling online.

Ways to support

Buy online, buy a gift card!

Indigo + Cotton • Charleston, South Carolina

Yes, we are selling online. 

Ways to support

The best support would be buying products from us online.