My Mohinders: Mother's We Admire

My Mohinders: Mother's We Admire

We caught up with four Southern California moms and got the chance to learn how they balance work and motherhood, the best parenthood advice they've received , and their favorite Mohinders styles for life on-the-go.  Shop their favorite Mohinders Slides and Flats below, all of which are great for mom-to-be, moms who chase their little kiddos, pet-moms....all moms!


Lauren has 3 kiddos, three horses, four cows, three dogs, one cat, one pig, and 20 chickens.  Lauren is also the creator of “Worn Wear” — the used clothing and repair campaign for Patagonia.  Lauren is also part owner and creator of Heritage Good & Supply, specializing in unique goods ranging from  herbal supply, to specialty foods, animal supply, functional clothing, Mohinders, and more.  

What is the best advice you have received about parenthood? 

The best parenting advice I ever got is to take time for yourself and not feel guilty.  Sounds simple enough but it can feel impossible in the middle of parenting.  I find I am a much better parent and more present when I have also practiced self care.

How do you balance motherhood and work?

Ha, I don't know if I do all the time.  I love being home with the kids and I also love working. I try to work while kids are sleeping or playing or at school.  I am lucky that I have a supportive husband and we tag team work and childcare. We always say life should be 1/3 love 1/3 work 1/3 play so that is the goal.  When not working or running kids around we try to get outside as a family and surf, hike, ski or horseback ride.

Describe your perfect Mother’s day 

My perfect Mother's Day would be feeling truly acknowledged for all the little things I do for the family that no one usually notices. Then getting out in nature with my kiddos and husband!

Favorite pair of Mohinders?

The Woven Flats are my go-to daily shoe!

What's on your bookshelf (or in your car stereo) right now?

"Hunt, Gather, Parent" What ancient cultures can teach us about the lost art of raising happy, helpful, little humans by Dr. Michaeleen Doucleff is on my bedside table and is a must read! 


Lana is a designer, illustrator and visual artist known for works on paper. She works as a color designer at Patagonia, collaborates with her husband Darrick on the brand Killscrow- focused on handcrafted furniture and printmaking. Lana is also currently developing her portfolio as a surface pattern designer. Check more of Lana's work out here!

Best advice you have received about parenthood?

I was introduced to this Carl Jung quote several years ago and have seen it recirculating again recently: “The greatest burden a child must bear is the un-lived life of its parents”. This idea works in direct tension with a lot of the usual messaging around mothering, for example that the selfless mother is the good mother, etc. Every mother I know is constantly recalibrating around their own guilt of not being enough of something. I love seeing the conversation evolve towards more of “let’s all show our kids how to live!"

You are native American - Muscogee (Creek), Lenni Lenape & Seminole. What are a few words or phrases that come to mind when you reflect on that part of your identity?

This is not something to be summed up in a few words. Being a North American Indigenous person alive today is full of complexity and diverse experiences. My story is evolving daily and I hope to always promote openness around all the different stories within our community. I have a tremendous amount of pride for my heritage and won’t rest until all of us can feel safe, fed, respected and honored.

Your favorite Mohinders?

Apropos of working remotely during Covid, I’ve been really loving the Wool Slippers. They’re perfect for virtual meetings paired with socks that make me smile. They feel like something just for me.

Describe your perfect Mother’s day 

A morning movie in bed with plenty of snuggles and pain au chocolate. The way to my heart is great food, a foot rub, the ocean and belly laughs. Just don’t make me pack anything, or remember anything or clean anything.

What's on your bookshelf (or in your car stereo) right now?

I finally picked up a copy of Glennon Doyle’s “Untamed” which found me at the perfect time. I also just finished listening to Laurence Fishburne reading Malcom X’s Autobiography.


Jaymee is the designer behind our favorite minimalist stationary — Jaymes Paper. In the age of instant communication, Jaymee is drawn to handwritten ephemera and meaningful connection; and stationary encourages us to sit down and stay in touch with those we love.  Each card is individually pressed in Los Angeles using a Heidelberg Windmill — a timeless machine that has been around since the early 1900s. Shop her entire collection here. 

What is the best advice you have received about parenthood?

To savor every phase! That’s the last thing I wanted to hear when I was in the thick of the pure newborn exhaustion / recovery / learning how to breastfeed. But the cliché statement is so true — it just keeps getting better!

How has your personal style changed since becoming a parent?

I’m all about function and comfort and nothing too precious these days. Oversized cozy sweaters (great for nursing!) that will ultimately end up with dried applesauce or sweet potato on them are my daily staple + worn-in jeans.

Describe your perfect Mother’s day 

Ideally Noa would sleep through the night, we would go on an early morning walk to the coffee shop in our neighborhood...later we’d grab takeout sandwiches and head to the beach!

Favorite pair of Mohinders?

The Woven Slides! Easiest to throw on for errands, beach walks - everything! They are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own.


Daniella is a Peruvian-born, California-based artist and graphic artist and textile designer whose designs are deeply inspired by her love for the sea, her kids, and the environment.  Peruse her collection of whimsically vibrant prints here.

How do you balance motherhood and work?

Is there supposed to be a balance? I just try to do my best to keep things in balance. I try to dedicate a good hour of quality time with each (2 kiddos) or both at the same time. I try to teach them things I love and involve them in some of my work responsibilities. They have learned during the Covid times that there's a time where I am busy and unavailable and it's ok, and times where we play, read, hang out etc. However, "mommy I am hungry" requires immediate attention.

Routines you live by? 

Tell myself what I am thankful for every morning when I wake up and before going to bed. Drink a lot of water. And draw something everyday.

Do you have any hidden talents? 

Picking up toys from the floor with my toes.

Favorite Pair of Mohinders?

Woven Sandals!