Journal: How a Pair of Mohinders is Made

Journal: How a Pair of Mohinders is Made

These shoes are handwoven by third-generation master artisans in Athani Village, India. It takes 37 steps (plus techniques that take years to master) to complete each pair.

 Small batches of shoes are passed around home workshops—artisans specialize in different steps of the process. 

It takes years to learn these techniques: precisely-cut shapes out of thick leather, evenly measured stitches without guidelines, and hand weaving that seems to happen in fast-forward. 

One distinctive Athani-made-shoe feature is a braid-like strand, lining the edge of each shoe. This is called "cavani weaving," which holds the upper and midsole together in strong bond that can hold up over years of wear. 


Form + function

We've worked with this cooperative of shoemakers since 2012 in a collaborative effort to create Mohinders signature styles, reinstating the shoes’ original quality and increasing comfort for a long life of adventure. Some of these design choices include a padded insole, soft leather lining, and a more durable sole.