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Artist Collab: Shaine Drake • August 2019

Shaine is a marbling and fiber artist in San Francisco, California. 

Creative director Kristen (who is also a part time leather worker), worked for years with Shaine at local art store Case for Making. Together they would make marbled leather wallets, notebook covers, and more. So of course we wanted to try Shaine's process on a pair of Mohinders hand-tanned, water buffalo leather slides

In the summer of 2019 we played with paint in the studio and Shaine chose a vibrant, no-holds-barred color palette. 

We let folks choose their desired marbling style (heavier marbling for more paint, lighter marbling for less paint) and each pair was a unique composition. 

We almost couldn't believe the sale sold out in one day (but weren't very surprised, to be honest. Look at those shoes.)

So Shaine got to work hand-marbling one shoe at a time in our Outer Sunset studio.