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The Company

It was August of 2012 when we arrived in monsooning Mumbai on a very important mission. The late night mutterings of our company’s founder, who some call “the peddler,” led us to believe that there was a pair of the forever-elusive perfect shoes located somewhere in India. Some called these shoes the maltese falcon of shoes, others called them the El Dorado of shoes, still others called them the Tomb of Nefertiti of get the picture. We call them the holy grail of shoes. And our mission in India was to find them, no matter what the risk. Without much to go on, we gathered information from the locals, followed signs, and googled our way toward these elusive shoes. We refused to allow imitation leather, a bad spinach dish or fearsome child wrestlers in loin cloths slow us down. After days of zigzagging the Indian railways, we finally stumbled upon a hot and crowded village in Northwestern Karnataka. It was there that we discovered a shoe that was unlike any we had seen before and knew immediately that we had found the holy grail of shoes.

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Feel Good

We're working hard to create a company that does things the right way. We believe it's important that our slip-ons are "root sourced," which means they are sourced from the location where they were originally conceived, designed and manufactured. Simply put, we've chosen not to take the style from the artisans in India and have our shoes made in China or the US. Our manufacturing currently takes place in Athani Village, India, which is the birthplace of the mohinders slip-on. We intend to continue manufacturing in the village as long as we're selling the mohinders slip-on. Root sourcing ensures that the local community of highly skilled artisans who have spent their entire lives crafting this shoe are the ones reaping the rewards. In addition, by increasing demand for the slip-on, we are helping to ensure that they will continue to produce this shoe, thus preserving village's culture. 

We're proud to say that all of our slip-ons are sourced from a Cooperative in Athani Village, India. The Co-op ensures that the skilled artisans who hand-craft our slip-ons are compensated fairly for their work. As a result of the Co-op's hard work, the artisan's now have higher standing in the community, increased self-worth and the ability to raise their standard of living. In addition, the Co-op actively teaches the artisans valuable business lessons, community building skills and helps them set up special reserve accounts in the case of emergencies.

Our slip-ons are root sourced from an amazing Cooperative in Athani Village, India

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