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Our Sourcing



We're working hard to create a company that does things the right way. We believe it's important that our City Slippers are "root sourced," which means they are sourced from the location where they were originally conceived, designed and manufactured. Simply put, we've chosen not to have our shoes made in China or the US. Our manufacturing currently takes place in a village in India, which is the genesis the mohinders City Slipper. We intend to continue manufacturing the mohinders City Slipper in the village as long as we're selling it. Root sourcing ensures that the local community of highly skilled craftsmen and craftswomen who have spent their entire lives crafting shoes like the City Slipper are the ones reaping the rewards for creating such an amazing product. In addition, by increasing demand for the City Slipper, we are helping to ensure that they have steady work and will continue to produce this shoe, thus preserving the village's shoe-making culture. 


We go beyond Root Sourcing....we source from an Artisans Collaborative in India (it's like a cooperative). The Collaborative ensures that the skilled mastercraftsmen and mastercraftswomen who hand-make the City Slipper are compensated fairly for their work by using a micro-credit style model. As a result of the Collaborative's hard work, the mastercraftsmen and mastercraftswomen now have higher standing in the community, increased self-worth and the ability to raise their standard of living. In addition, the Collaborative actively teaches the artisans valuable business lessons, community building skills and helps them set up special reserve accounts in the case of emergencies.


The leather for the mohinders City Slipper is specially made in micro-tanneries. While traveling in India we noticed that many of these micro-tanneries are going out of business. This is because their high quality veg-tanned leather is relatively inefficient to produce and costs more than leathers that are chemically tanned. By creating demand for this extremely special leather, we are striving to put some of these micro-tanneries back in business. To learn more about this special veg-tanning method, which is called "bag tanning," CLICK HERE.

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