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We're making it easy to give your Mohinders a longer life.

Love your Mohinders, but the soles are wearing down over time? Same. 

Meet our trusted shoe cobbler, who can re-sole your Mohinders at a reasonable rate (he does a great job, we've all had our pairs done).    

How does re-soling work?

1. Click "get started" below, and set yourself up with our trusted cobbler. 

2. Wil and his team (based in Austin, Texas) will re-sole your Mohinders with high quality Vibram soles, and return your shoes to you within 2 weeks of receiving them. 

3. Your Mohinders are renewed + ready for more adventures!


Get started

Why we re-sole with Vibram

Mohinders are made using crepe rubber (the same things that's on Clark's desert boots). It's a great sole material, but difficult for cobblers to source locally. Vibram is a well-respected brand (est. 1937!) and makes sole rubber that's well suited to outdoor use with great traction. It's hardy and abrasion-resistant. 

Pricing (why $55?)

We've found the standard for re-soling a pair of shoes like Mohinders is about $60. Our program includes shipping both ways, and the ease of a pre-selected sole material (and technician) that achieve great results with our shoes. 

If you have a trusted local cobbler, awesome! Email — we'll gladly share our best tips for achieving good results. 

Do you have a defective pair or another issue? Email ; we're here to help. 

Why have this program?

To quote our friends on the Patagonia Worn Wear team, "...the best thing we can do for the planet is get more use out of stuff we already own, cutting down on consumption." 

We believe in the power of shoe (and garment) repair. Plus, Mohinders design choices enable re-soling; this is a natural next step to make it even easier.