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Re-soling your Mohinders

A great way to embrace slow fashion: buy things that last. Each pair of our shoes is designed for longevity using water buffalo leather that gets better with time, and holds up for years.

We apply a crepe rubber outsole to every pair of Mohinders to protect the stitching and leather midsole. Crepe rubber provides excellent grip, added cushion, and allows the leather footbed to mold to your foot. The original rubber sole should be replaced as it wears down or begins to peel back, which may occur within the first 3-12 months depending on the wearer, wear patterns and conditions.

The rubber soles can be easily replaced by any cobbler. If your cobbler isn’t equipped to use a crepe rubber sole, Vibram is an excellent long-lasting alternative.

Like any high quality leather shoes, soles should be replaced as needed to maximize the life of your Mohinders.

Questions about re-soling? We’re here to help -