Where are Mohinders manufactured?

They are manufactured in a village in India by 2nd and 3rd generation mastercraftsmen and mastercraftswomen experienced in the art of crafting leather footwear. Learn more about our sourcing practices here

Do Mohinders City Slippers smell like leather?

As a matter of fact, they do. But not like the leather you might be used to. This is because of the unique vegetable tanning process using the bark of the babul tree and the myrobalan nut (commonly used in ayurvedic medicine). We think it smells delicious!

Do you make Mohinders in different widths? What if I have a wide foot?

Mohinders City Slippers will be pretty narrow and tight when you first receive them. Because of the flexible woven leather upper, the City Slipper will adjust in width the more you wear them. Eventually they will form fit to your foot!

How do I break in my Mohinders City Slippers?

They may feel a bit hard at first. Wear them for a bit and they will custom mold to your feet and feel great. It's worth it!

Do you make any other styles?

Not yet...but we just might have some new styles in the pipeline.

Do you make any other colors?

Not yet...but we do like the idea of making other colors.

Do you have half sizes?

Nope. We recommend rounding up for Men's and Women's City Slippers and rounding down for Women's Flats. You should be able to find a pair of mohinders that fits you comfortably.

Why are my Mohinders City Slippers getting shinier and changing color over time?

This is normal and is how our specially produced vegetable-tanned water buffalo leather ages. Enjoy that patina!

What is mission-based travel?

This is an unbelievably fun and rewarding type of travel, where you head to a destination with a distinct goal to achieve. It changed our life and it might change yours. We highly suggest you try it. 

Why are they so tight or why do they hurt my pinky toe?

Apologies to your pinky toe, but this is normal, and happens sometimes. The city slippers fit tight at first, but will loosen up and form fit to your foot quickly! Just keep on wearing them and you will be rewarded.

What if my question isn't covered here?

Sorry about that—we're happy to answer any additional questions. Just email us at

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