Making a Pair of Mohinders

It takes a skilled artisan

We were excited to find, and meet, the people who craft our shoes. They have immense skill and traditional knowledge, which seemed to be under-valued in their previous market situation. They're 2nd- and 3rd-generation artisans, who take great care in creating each pair of Mohinders. The many-step process has been refined across decades to create a well-fitting, durable shoe design.

Form + function

We made a few updates to the original shoe Michael purchased in 2012, like a padded insole and goat leather lining. But the majority of the shoe's construction is true to its roots. 

A key piece of this tried-and-true design is called cavani weaving. It's what you see when the top of the shoe meets the midsole; a series of knots form a braid-like strand, running the perimeter from arch to toe. 

This style of weaving creates a strong, beautiful bond that holds up over years of wear—without any adhesives. 



How Mohinders create value for artisans  ▶

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