Michael's picks

1.  Wood & Faulk  |  Camp Stool Founder Matt Pierce began Wood&Faulk as a DIY leather goods blog, which developed into a company known for timeless products. All are built in the USA, designed and primarily manufactured in their own workshop.

2. Mohinders x Wood & Faulk | Front Pocket Wallet  |  This has been my favorite wallet for years. It's such a great design that we were inspired to make a limited run using our hand-tanned water buffalo leather

3. Industry of All Nations | Clean Sweatshirt, 12 Dips Indigo  |  The Clean Clothes Project is IOAN's way of showing how something as simple as a cleaner t-shirt can have a profound impact on the world. When you buy an IOAN clean t-shirt, you are really buying a more humane supply chain, and a cleaner planet.

4. Triumph & Disaster  |  Fibre Royal hair clay  |  Triumph & Disaster's philosophy is to use the best of science combined with the best of nature to produce naturally derived but scientifically engineered products that work.

5. Jungmaven | Baja Short Sleeve Pocket Tee, 7oz  |  Hemp is an incredible phytoremediation plant, meaning that it helps restore balance and cleans soil, air and water. In addition, hemp is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth and can sequester excess atmospheric carbon to help reverse climate change and clean the air we breathe.

6. Mohinders | Woven City Slipper  |  We had to, they're still my favorite shoe after all these years. 

7. Yellow Leaf Hammocks | Wellfleet Hammock  |  Yellow Leaf Hammocks is breaking the cycle of extreme poverty through sustainable job creation and a stable, healthy income through dignified work.

8. Topo Designs  | Klettersack  |  Made in USA, run by great people. Been using this bag everyday for over a year, it's awesome.

9. Flying Bird Botanicals | Good Morning Tea Gift Box  |  These teas are always made with only organically farmed and ethically wildcrafted herbs, looking first to their local community for sourcing. They are passionate about crafting artisan teas that are both delicious and nourishing.

10. Belcampo Meats | Gift Card  |  Belcampo controls every aspect of its supply chain. They raise their animals on their own farm, operate our own USDA-inspected and Animal Welfare Approved processing facility, and sell their meat in our own restaurants and butcher shops, providing full traceability.

11. Alex Crane | Sun Cap  |  Alex Crane makes everything in the USA, at factories in Los Angeles, Brooklyn, and New Jersey.  Good product takes a village, and they work hard to show their gratitude for their communities (and we love Alex's style / this hat). 

12. Bathing Culture |  Mind & Body Wash  |  Bathing Culture is ethically made with a sustainable harvest of natural ingredients, specially formulated for the passionately dirty—plus it smells like cathedral grove on Mt Tamalpais. 


Kristen's picks


1. Aleksandra Zee | Custom 2x2 Wood Panel  |  Al is a longtime friend, and a person who is committed to her craft and to constantly striving to learn and grow. And, she makes beautiful work that would be a joy to give!

2. Blockshop Textiles x Heath Ceramics | Table Linens  |  The women of Blockshop are not only great friends and talented designers, they are also deeply committed to the future of hand block printing in its place of origin—Bagru, India. This collaboration with Heath is a lovely blend of their gorgeous work and the iconic Heath ceramics line, a beloved Bay Area institution. 

3. Juniper Ridge | Smudge Variety Pack  |  Juniper Ridge distills and extracts fragrance from wildflowers, plants, bark, moss, mushrooms, and tree trimmings that they harvest on the trail with the utmost sensitivity and respect for the existing wildscape. We return to the same stands year after year to carefully monitor regrowth. Their scents are just the best—like inhaling the landscapes of California. 

4. Susan Hoff | Knotted Classic  | Susan crafts bags by hand in San Francisco using reclaimed sails and horse tack—aka, almost no virgin materials. She draws upon a lifetime as an artist, rider and artist and each of her creations is truly a work of art.  

5. Rachel Sees Snail Shoes | Sandal Making Kit  |  Rachel might be the most delightful and inquisitive shoe person ever! She not only crafts insanely well-made shoes in her Portland studio, but generously shares her skills through workshops (a perfect gift, if you live in Portland!) and a sandal-making kit so you can learn, too. 

6. Julie Cloutier | Home Ceramics Julie's work focuses on handheld sculptures, functional wares and everyday objects. She is also one of the loveliest, most intentional people we know! 

7. OZMA | Weekend DressSilk Bandana  |  If I had to buy only one brand for the rest of my life, it would probably be OZMA. You can wear these pieces every day (I pretty much do), and in all your travels. They take pride in the quality and care put into their garments (which I can personally speak to, as I wear them often!) which are designed and responsibly manufactured in Los Angeles, California.

8. Case for Making | Handmade Watercolors  |  Case for Making uses the highest quality pigment and watercolor medium available to create rich, densely pigmented paints and you can tell when you paint with them, which I do, often! They constantly search worldwide and in their local landscape for beautiful new hues with interesting stories, and each batch is mixed by hand in San Francisco. 

9. Saint Clair Jewelry | Loretta Necklace  |  Cam is a friend and neighbor—but even before we knew her, I had a big crush on her jewelry designs. She designs, carves, and hammers her pieces by hand, using brass and high-quality, USA-made cord. Every piece is eye-catching and classic. 

10. Poppy & Someday | Sunshine Daydream Salve  |  Herbalist and Ayurvedic Practitioner Kari Jansen is inspired by plants and their remarkable ability to heal and teach. She creates pure botanical, organic products that we LOVE. Gift the salve or mists, and buy the Ojas Face Serum for yourself—it's the best face product I've ever used! 

11. Ambatalia | Linen Bento Bag  |  I use this almost every day for my lunch, and my mom uses hers for knitting! Molly's products aim to eliminate the unnecessary waste of single-use products and she is a joyfully creative person to be around. 

12. VintageOften the best way to reduce purchase impact is to buy secondhand. Here are some top notch resources in San Francisco and online, who are all treasure hunters and wonderful humans.

Salter Vintage (located in the Benevolent Tide Club) //  Body Philosophy Club  //  Establish  //  The Painted Bird  //  No Shop  //  Avenues Dry Goods + The Sand Shed  //  Mixed Business LA  //  Mother’s Daughter

13. Mohinders  |  Solid Leather City Slipper  |  I wear these pretty much every day. For whatever reason, they're my favorite style. It's the ease of slipping them on and off, the simple aesthetic, the way the leather wears into a deep chestnut—I gravitate toward these the most.