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Fit + Care

City Slippers  //  shoes without backs

Follow these steps to see whether it’s a fit.

1  |  Push your foot as far forward as it can go, so your toes push up against the front.

2  |  Look down at your heel. If your heel is even just barely on the back of the shoe, and not hanging off, it’s a fit.



Flats  //  shoes with backs

Don’t worry, they’re supposed to fit pretty tight initially. If your toes push up against the front—and aren’t curling—it’s a fit. If your toes are curling, go up a size. After a few wears they’ll soften and fit right.



Don’t get them soaking wet.

This can cause the cavani (side-weaving) to come undone.

You don’t need to use leather conditioner.

But if you want to, we love Chamberlain’s Leather Milk.

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