Fit + Care

Some notes about fit

City Slippers  //  shoes without backs

Follow these steps to see whether it’s a fit.

Push your foot as far forward as it can go, so your toes

push up against the front.

Look down at your heel. If your heel is even just barely
on the back of the shoe, and not hanging off, it’s a fit.


Flats  //  shoes with backs

Don’t worry, they’re supposed to fit pretty tight initially. If your toes push up against the front—and aren’t curling—it’s a fit. If your toes are curling, go up a size. After a few wears they’ll soften and fit right.



Don’t get them soaking wet.

This can cause the cavani (side-weaving) to come undone.

You don’t need to use leather conditioner.

But if you want to, we love Chamberlain’s Leather Milk.

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