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You want craftsmanship...well, the City Slipper is a hand-made shoe, made with hand-tanned leather, which is cut using hand-made leather knives! In addition, each and every strip of leather in the upper must be woven to the insole by a skilled hand. Most of these skilled hands belong to 2nd and 3rd generation mastercraftsmen and mastercraftswomen who take their work very seriously.

It takes nearly 1 full day to make a pair of mohinders, and here's a few pictures of the process, which will help you understand why: 


the unbelievably stiff bag-tanned leather must be dipped in water prior to working with it


tracing outsole shapes on the sole leather


careful cutting using a hand-made leather knife 


a tight leather weave requires some creativity


the outsole is stitched to the insole by hand


each strip of leather used to make the upper will be hand-tied through these holes in the insole  


skilled hands weave the upper leather strips to the insole


after the upper is hand-woven to the insole, the leather strips are trimmed



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