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  • Size guide

    Finding the size for you

    Mohinders are designed to conform to you–to be your reliable, daily go-to shoe. Like many long-lasting relationships, before endless comfort there’s a slight break-in, awkward phase. Read our size advice below to learn which to order and how to wear-in. Then enjoy your new sidekick!

    mohinders leather shoes slides

    Sandals, slides + City Slippers (this goes for woven and solid)

    Order your true size. Size up if you’re a half size.

    It’s ok if your foot is very close to the back edge when they’re brand new, as long as your heel isn’t hanging over. They’ll stretch and soften to make more room.

    Woven flats + shoes

    Size down a full size (especially in mens). Size down if you’re a half size.

    Brand-new woven flats and shoes should feel very tight. If they’re not, they may be too big before long.

    Use our breakin tips (water + socks works magically well) for a shortcut to comfy, custom fit.

    Solid flats

    Order your true size. Size down if you’re a half size.

    Brand-new solid flats or shoes may feel intense. Use our breakin tips (water plus socks is the way to go, trust us!) and they’ll quickly soften into a comfy, custom fit.

    Not sure which size is best for you? We’re here to help -
  • International Size Chart

    International Size Chart Conversions Mohinders
  • Break-in guide

    How to break in a fresh pair of Mohinders


    At first, your shoes may feel stiff or too tight. The break-in is a sign of quality shoes and handmade leather.

    Use these tips to get past the initial sting. Over time, the full-grain leather upper and leather footbed will mold to your foot for a custom fit.


    Sandals + Woven slides

    Get your bare feet wet and wear them around the house for about 30 minutes.


    Woven flats + woven shoes

    Spray water generously inside each shoe, then wear your shoes with socks for about 30 minutes.

    OR – get your bare feet wet then wear them for 30 minutes.


    Solid flats + solid shoes

    Get a pair of socks wet, then wring them out. Wear them with your shoes around the house for a few minutes (not too long).

    OR – get your bare feet wet then wear them for 30 minutes. 


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  • Leather Care

    Caring for your leather shoes – Quality shoes deserve a little renewal. Here’s what to do if you notice your Mohinders as they appear dry, lighter in color, or just dusty from the streets or trails.

    Our favorite methods:

    Conditioning Natural Leather styles 
    (Woven Slides, Woven Shoes, Solid City Slippers)

    1. Clean 'em off with a brush, and if needed saddle soap
    2. Give an extra scrub around the cavani weaving (braid around the shoe’s edge) 3. to remove dust and dirt.
    4. Treat the upper generously with Healing Balm (use a dauber or a cloth)
    5. Treat cavani generously with Healing Balm
    6. Remove excess balm from the cavani using a brush

        Shop our Leather Care Kit >

        Re-oiling Iron-dyed and Oiled Leather pairs

        Apply Obenauf’s leather oil to your natural-dyed Mohinders every few weeks to restore a deep, like-new color tone.

        1. Dip a dauber into a jar of Obenauf’s (or use the one in the lid)
        2. Rub generously in a circular motion, across the entire upper and cavani
        3. Let the oil soak in completely, then wipe excess with a cloth

          Shop naturally-dyed shades >>

          Questions about leather care? We’re here to help -

        1. Re-soling

          Re-soling your Mohinders

          A great way to embrace slow fashion: buy things that last. Each pair of our shoes is designed for longevity using water buffalo leather that gets better with time, and holds up for years.

          We apply a crepe rubber outsole to every pair of Mohinders to protect the stitching and leather midsole. Crepe rubber provides excellent grip, added cushion, and allows the leather footbed to mold to your foot. The original rubber sole should be replaced as it wears down or begins to peel back, which may occur within the first 3-12 months depending on the wearer, wear patterns and conditions.

          The rubber soles can be easily replaced by any cobbler. If your cobbler isn’t equipped to use a crepe rubber sole, Vibram is an excellent long-lasting alternative.

          Like any high quality leather shoes, soles should be replaced as needed to maximize the life of your Mohinders.

          Questions about re-soling? We’re here to help -