Woven Flat / Charcoal


Break-In Your Pair of Mohinders to Make Them Uniquely Yours

Some break in quickly, and some take a bit of time. Regardless, they do break in beautifully, developing a dark and rich patina, becoming softer, and form-fitting to your foot.

They're Supposed to Be Extra Tight at First ☝️

Yes, it feels like your toes are squished. They should fit really tight without your toes pushing hard against the front of the shoe – that's the right fit. They'll stretch out as you break them in and they'll feel great!

Handmade with perfect imperfections ✨

There can be slight variations in color, scars on the leather, and certain imperfections. Embrace the imperfections and know that most of them will diminish or disappear with wear and time. If something is really bugging you, let us know and we'll work something out.