Introducing a new style // the City Slipper in Solid Leather

Introducing a new style  //  the City Slipper in Solid Leather

Meet the City Slipper, in Solid Leather.

We're introducing a limited release of our first new style since Mohinders began.

As you may have noticed, we've been working on this one for a while. Our classic woven slippers + flats have been holding it down for, well ... almost four years. 

There's a reason it's taken so long—we'd love to share why. 

It had to be the right time.

Adding new styles takes time and effort; we wanted to better define ourselves as a brand before branching out. In doing so, we reflected on why Mohinders are special—they’re the favorite shoe we’ve ever discovered. Why?

  • Our leather. Bag-tanned water buffalo hides, made with Ayurvedic botanicals + used by the artisans we work with, are unique. Their color, luster, and resilience have proven to be versatile, beautiful, and long-lasting.
  • Cavani weaving. The braid-like weaving along the side of each shoe is a regional technique, which bonds the upper to the insole in a series of knots, without using adhesives. It’s a bond that blends form with function in a way we love.

It had to be the right style.

We didn’t want to add a style just to add one; in addition to product design, adding 12 SKUs takes streamlined communication + processes, logistics, and a supply chain, across continents. But this one was worth it. Why?

  • It highlights our leather beautifully. You can sense the subtle changes in color, texture, and feel more specifically than in our woven styles, where the leather is woven in smaller strips.
  • It’s a little dressier, and perfect for evenings. The solid design is more closed-in, and has a more upscale look + feel. We plan on wearing these to holiday parties, weddings, shows … and really get away with it.

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