#mohmissions explained

#mohmissions explained

Welcome to the mohinders blog, which is now back in commission! We’ll be posting periodically about mohinders news, companies/products we like, and, most importantly, reporting on our #mohmissions.

What are #mohmissions?

#mohmissions are all about discovering new places and new things, talking to real people and learning about how they live, seeing something intriguing from the freeway and instead of passing it by, getting off at the next exit and checking it out. You can do this in your neighborhood or when exploring abroad. #mohmissions typically start with a goal (where can I find the most authentic Peking Duck in the Bay Area), then an adventure (going to Chinatown in SF and asking all the locals on the streets, in shops, anywhere where to find the most authentic Peking Duck), and will always end in discovery (you may discover the best Peking Duck, and you may discover something completely different, but you will make a discovery and learn some fascinating stuff along the way).

The inspiration for #mohmissions came from the founding story of mohinders. Our founder, Michael Paratore, went to India with the goal of discovering the source of a beautiful handwoven leather shoe he purchased on a previous trip to India. Michael had made several trips abroad, but this trip was stood out, it was special. He was on a mission, and it gave his trip purpose. It led him to talk to hundreds of real people, explore real places, and have a more authentic and rewarding experience than on any of his other trips abroad.

We encourage everyone to live the #mohmissions lifestyle, and will continue to keep you posted via instagram (@mohindersshoes) and our blog on our latest #mohmissions. And, if you have any ideas for #mohmissions, go out and do it and keep us posted, or let us know, and maybe we’ll do it!

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