Discovered on a journey through India, when we re-traced the origins of a beloved shoe purchased on a whim in Mumbai.

The story of the peddler  ▶


We use water buffalo hides and a process called bag-tanning, using natural agents of acacia bark and the myrobalan nut. This creates uniquely strong, lustrous leather that gets better with time.

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Many steps are required to make each pair. One technique, passed down through generations, is “cavani” weaving—the elegant and functional handwoven bond between upper and midsole.

How Mohinders are made  ▶


We work with talented artisans in the village of the shoes’ origin; they are supported and compensated fairly as they skillfully craft each pair of Mohinders.

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The perfect shoe to explore and discover.
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City Slippers

Men's and Women's City Slippers come in full sizes only. If you wear a half size, we recommend rounding up (i.e. if you wear a 9.5, order a 10).


Women's Flats

Women's Flats come in full sizes only.

They’re supposed to fit pretty tight initially. If your toes push up against the front—and aren’t curling—it’s a fit. After a few wears they’ll soften and fit right.

If you typically wear a US size 7, you should order a 6 in the Women's Flats.

International Size Conversions

Here's some help with international size conversions (if you have any questions, email us at